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Mar 04

FRINGE 2017 – #FirstWorldWhiteGirls: Botox Party – The Parlour – 5K

There are so many problems in the world, this problem includes which show to watch for the Adelaide Fringe. Well, this one is something worth checking out. Tiffany is back again with her real problems but now it seems age and her narcissism have caught up. #FirstWorldWhiteGirls: Botox Party is a satirical show that provides …

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Mar 02


Sound and Fury members Maritzer, Hercamp and Aussie Adamczak calmly stood in front of their audience at the Tandanya Arts Cafe, waiting for late-comers, assuring each audience member that “this isn’t a part of the show”. Yet it was! Cracking jokes, improvising and remaining confident at what would usually be an awkward time in a …

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Mar 01

FRINGE COMEDY – Becky Brunnings: Beaming – The Piglet at Gluttony – 3K

Photo courtesy of

Becky Brunning is an unassuming comic. In her words, if she were a sandwich, she’d be egg. Largely based around her supposed personal failings and a deep love for food, there’s something relatable in Brunning’s show for anyone who’s failed their driver’s test, been the least attractive friend or attempted Dry July. By Brunning’s own …

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Feb 27


Dylan Cole has either played Scrabble seriously or he must certainly have spent time around people who have.  This funny, sad, insightful show should appeal to both the Scrabble fraternity and also to those who have never touched a tile.  This portrayal of world champion Austin Michaels, and the story of the impact of Alzheimer’s …

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Feb 24

FRINGE COMEDY – Merrick Watts: Man of the Hour – The Garden – 4K

His first solo show in 23 years, Merrick Watts came to the stage with great presence and energy. Immediately heckling the late-comers. The charismatic performer instantly came in to a world of his own, talking of childhood, social media and how unfathomably irritating todays generation is. Watts nailed it, not only was his timing and …

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Feb 22

FRINGE 2017: Neel Kolhatkar – #ObjectifyNeel – 4K


By Anthony Nguyen At only 22 years of age, Sydney-based comedian, Neel Kolhatkar, is experienced in the comedy scene and has made a name on Youtube making comedic videos with over 350,000 subscribers. And so, Kolhatkar steps off the screen and onto the stage bringing his new comedy tour aptly titled #ObjectifyNeel to the 2017 …

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Feb 21

The Wine Bluffs – RCC – 4K

  With arrogant ignorance and eloquent bullshit, Damian and Paul have pulled together one of the most hilarious shows at this year’s Fringe. The Wine Bluffs is an hour of chaotic wit, a brilliant display of Callinan and Calleja’s humour. A show perfectly suited to Adelaide, where wine wankers are as readily available as bad …

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Feb 21

COMEDY – Australia: A Whinging Pom’s Guide – PJ O’Brien’s – 3.5K

Daniel Willis is a whinging pom and proud of it. On the balcony of PJ O’Brien’s on cheapo Tuesday, Willis entertained a charming crowd of 14 people. The size of the crowd did not phase this seasoned comedian, as he took the time to shake the hands of his audience members, say hello, and genuinely …

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Feb 21

FRINGE THEATRE / COMEDY – Once Upon a Pop Star – Treasury Tunnels – 3.5K

Photo courtesy of Adelaide Fringe

  Not for the cynic or the kazoo hater, “Once Upon a Pop Star” is one part comedy, one part pop concert, and one part theatre.

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Feb 20

Puppetry of the Penis – The Garden – 3K

This show is nuts… literally. Heading into the Garden of Unearthly Delights on the opening weekend of the Fringe is enough to get any reviewer in the mood for an interesting show, while this is not exactly my usual genre Puppetry of the Penis delivers exactly what the blurb says and is a light-hearted piece …

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