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Mar 08

FRINGE 2018 – COMEDY – Dating Naked – The Producers – 5K

Dating Naked is a stand-up comedy performed by Doughnut Girl, Tor Snyder. It almost felt like you are taken in one of the bedrooms at a house party to branch off for a much cooler party. Tor took the whole crowd to a world of chuckles with her natural wittiness; gets everyone to play and gives …

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Mar 04

Fringe 2018: COMEDY – JIMEOIN: RIDICULOUS – Flinders University Plaza – 4K

After almost 30 years in the industry, many comedians grow stale, unable to form new jokes and riding on the wave of their once-lucrative popularity. Sometimes their sense of humour becomes dated, or their jokes repetitive. This is not true for Jimeoin. There’s something about Jimeoin’s style of charming observational humour that stands the test …

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Mar 03

FRINGE COMEDY— Scientology the Musical— The Speakeasy @ Gluttony — 4K


Scientology the Musical is bizarre, intellectual and fantastically musical. And for an affordable price, you too might be granted permission to open the carefully guarded briefcase of secrets, although it’s highly likely you’ll lose your mind. 4K

Mar 02

FRINGE 2018 – THEATRE – The Colour Orange: The Pauline Hanson Musical – Raj House – 4.5K


The current political landscape is dark and divisive. At times like this, when politics becomes a caricature of itself, all we can really do is laugh. The Colour Orange outlines the history of One Nation and the unusual rise, fall, and rise again of Pauline Hanson. Through music played by five-piece band, The Flaming Howards, …

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Mar 01

FRINGE THEATRE — Fleabag— The Box @ GOUD — 5K


Fleabag is funny, heartbreaking, honest and poetically beautiful all at once. It reminds us that well-performed theatre — with nothing but a chair as a prop and the audience’s imagination — is a true art. Even if theatre isn’t your thing, this will be. 5K

Feb 28

FRINGE 2018 – Help! I Think I Might Be Fabulous – Plaza Parlour – 3K

Sassy and sequinned, Alfie Ordinary graced the stage with what you would expect as fabulous. The ‘drag prince’ has delighted to share with Australia a fabulous flair on this clever show that tackles on society’s norms on gender. The performance goes around Alfie,  a son of a drag queen—destined to follow on the fabulous footsteps. …

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Feb 28

FRINGE 2018: The Best of Scottish Comedy – 3.5K

scottish comedy

The Sky Room of the Griffith’s Hotel was alive with laughter on Tuesday evening with the Best of Scottish Comedy Fringe show. The show features stand-up comedy from Vladimir McTavish and two other Scottish comedians every night until March 4. Tuesday night started with the self-proclaimed “best afro-celtic comedian” Bruce Fummey. Bruce got the audience …

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Feb 27

FRINGE 2018 THEATRE – John Hinton’s Scientrilogy – HST – 4.5K


Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking – entertaining and educating! For adult audiences, it explores the life and work of Einstein via comedy. Kryztoff Rating 4.5K

Feb 26

FRINGE 2018: Goodie Two Shoes – 4K


By Anthony Nguyen James McLean is no stranger to the Adelaide Fringe scene with his highly-praised shows A Kick in the Head and Other Seduction Techniques in 2012-2013 and Big Enough and Ugly Enough in 2015-2016. SA-native McLean once again returns with his charismatic personality and charming wit for the 2018 Adelaide Fringe with his …

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Feb 26

Fringe 2018: Garry Starr Performs Everything – 5K – The Producers


By Amy. I can’t say I was expecting much of Garry’s show when I walked into the Warehouse at the Producers, but I can say that categorically it is the funniest show I’ve seen at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe. Garry Starr decides that theatre is dying, and its his job to save it. Performing everything …

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