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Jun 08

Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2013 – Darren Percival – A Tribute to Ray Charles – Dunstan Playhouse

I may have been the only person in the audience who did not know that Darren Percival had the illustrious honour of becoming ‘runner up’ in 2012’s version of reality TV show ‘The Voice’. Then again, judging by the disparity in ages in the filled-to-capacity Dunstan Playhouse, it appears that many people simply wanted to …

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Mar 19

SA-175 Snap Shots of our State – How To Buy

Last year, 2011, was the 175th year of European settlement of South Australia. SA-175 Snap Shots of our State is a brilliant editorial and pictorial review of that year by local photographer and writer, Peter Maddern. Check post for details on book and where to buy.

Mar 09

FRINGE EDITORIAL – In 2012, The Great Fear About Annual Fringes Has Became A Reality

When the Fringe went annual, the great concern was that at some point it would all lose its sparkle and freshness and the excitement that biennial festivals bring. Despite the hero talk of the Fringe Office about every increasing ticket sales and the like, in 2012 those fears have indeed been realised.

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