Fringe 2018: Socially [un]acceptable – 4.5K


By Amy.

There are some Fringe shows that stick with you long after you leave. They make you contemplate your own experiences, opinions, and beliefs.

Socially [un]acceptable, a no-holds-barred piece by Laura Desmond, is definitely one of those shows. An honest, unflinching look at both the sexual assaults experienced by Desmond throughout her life, and the warped attitudes towards harassment, sexual assault, sexuality, and misconceptions about what does and does not constitute assault in Western society.

Clad in her underwear, Desmond dresses and undresses throughout the show, which was an inspired choice; it is a one-two punch in accompanying her brutal stories, and also seems like something more personal.The admiration that you will have for Desmond’s bravery, who bears both her body and soul to her audience, is immeasurable.

An important performance for both women and men alike, Socially [un]acceptable needs to be seen, heard, discussed, and praised for its bravery and honesty. Thank you, Laura Desmond, for sharing your experiences with us.

Kryztoff rating: 4.5K

Please note: This show has a trigger warning for survivors of sexual assault.

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