FRINGE 2018 – Comedy/Improv – Maestro 3rd Annual National Impro Games – National Wine Centre – 4K

By Julia Cudsi

Improvised comedy is something of a Fringe staple – it fits right in with the ethos of a cheap, fun night out, hopefully with a lot of laughter and perhaps a few drinks thrown in. The Maestro 3rd Annual National Impro Games certainly delivers on all of these promises.

The format of this show is very simple – one MC, two judges, a skilled music man, and a whole group of competitors, helpfully wearing netball bibs as identifiers. Between the judges and the audience, outlandish suggestions are made for themes, locations, relationships and other scene-setters, and the actors on stage are required to improvise what happens without the assistance of any sort of script. Thanks to audience votes, players are systematically eliminated, until there remains only one player – the ultimate winner.

This is the 3rd Annual National Impro games, and I am pleased to say that I have seen all of the competitions, ably put together by On the Fly impro – and each year has maintained the quality of the previous year.

If you are looking for an evening of quality entertainment (probably almost definitely child-friendly), then this is it.


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