FRINGE 2018: Viggo Venn: Pepito – 3.5K – GOUD


Viggo Venn is a name to watch.

Whilst Venn’s show Pepito definitely needs a little polishing, there are stretches of comedy in there that signify that this man is a fantastic clown, comedian, and generally nice guy.

Venn’s show is equal parts sketch comedy, audience interaction, and ode to cucumbers (not a euphemism). Venn becomes Pepito, a space-travelling, vegetable-loving, beret-wearing man who has both mundane and extraordinary adventures. Pepito shares his hidden cucumbers (again, not a euphemism), phone calls with his friends in the audience, and a genuinely hilarious final joke that was a great way to get the audience involved in the show.

This particular night suffered from some rather rude audience members; two women on their phones, who proceeded to continue looking up train timetables whilst Venn was in the audience, asking them to stop; and a young man and woman, who continued to talk over the top of the opening bit (they were eventually asked to leave). It was a shame, because it resulted in the show being thrown out of kilter, having to restart 3 times (although the opening skit was hilarious, so it didn’t matter that we watched it again). This seemed to throw Venn’s confidence off, which was a shame.

There were certain skits that need a bit of development, but others that were gems. Viggo’s unexpected nuggets of comedy, like finding out what happens when you take your snowman friend to the sun, were genuinely hilarious. More so, the fact that Venn trouped on despite the heckling and the disruption it causes also tells me that this man means business, and that kind of hutzpah will get you somewhere.

All in all, Viggo Venn’s show is a fun night out at the garden – that is, so long as you like cucumbers.

Kryztoff Rating: 3.5K


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