FRINGE 2018 – Help! I Think I Might Be Fabulous – Plaza Parlour – 3K

Sassy and sequinned, Alfie Ordinary graced the stage with what you would expect as fabulous. The ‘drag prince’ has delighted to share with Australia a fabulous flair on this clever show that tackles on society’s norms on gender.

The performance goes around Alfie,  a son of a drag queendestined to follow on the fabulous footsteps. He takes us back through the tales of his experiences at the Madame LeCoq’s Preparatory School for Fabulous Boys.  Although there isn’t much cry for help from the protagonist, there is a lot of sass for us all.

It was an entertaining performance, however the songs can seem to be too long. The repetition can sometimes be part of the humour, but it can be a draggy for some. Also, few punchlines do not hit the right spot, as they can sometimes be hard to relate to. However, the skits were decent.

Altogether, it was a fun hour of stories, singing and ‘mini guest appearances’ by Whitney Houston and Bette Midler. Be prepared to walk out with glowing in glitter or carrying a shining star around your sleeve. Worth checking out.


Kryztoff Rating: 3K

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