FRINGE 2018 – Music – “One Wild Night: The Australian Bon Jovi show” – The Arkaba – 4.5K

By Julia Cudsi

A tribute show is something of a known quantity – you go in living on a prayer that you will  hear your favourite songs and hoping that the tribute artist treats your favourite star and their music with respect without giving them a bad name.

And that is precisely what “One Wild Night” did with their Bon Jovi show. Playing everybody’s favourite hits from the atmospheric top of the Arkaba, Tib Horvath transformed into Jon Bon Jovi and performed hits which were true to the original, from the dramatic “Bed of Roses”  to the anthemic “It’s My Life”, and all of the other hits in between.

Playing to a large crowd of obviously diehard fans of Bon Jovi, this show was, indeed, if not necessarily a wild night, then at least a great night out.




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