Fringe 2018: Undercover Refugee – 4K – The Producers


Sit back as Karen and David take you through a lighthearted, yet very real, tale of Karen’s work with Syrian refugees in Lesbos, and in transit across Europe into Germany.

Part theatre, part comedy, Karen weaves a tale of the social media obsessed volunteers, kindhearted refugees, mafia bosses, and sleazy and racist policemen that she came across during her time as a documentary filmmaker. Making their way from Greece to Germany, Karen notices the different treatment she receives from those she encounters compared to her Syrian friends, the sway her Norwegian citizenship has amongst her fellow Europeans, and how she ended up with far more friends than she ever imagined.

Both actors are charming, with a guileless enthusiasm that infects the audience. You leave their show feeling emboldened to be kinder, try harder, be more accepting and open to other perspectives. Karen’s charm and David’s energy help keep the show entertaining, and a clever mix of video and storytelling helps reinforce the show’s message – in fact, the show would have served better with an ending of a video or montage, instead of a step-by-step walkthrough of the ending images.

The show needs a little polishing, and a better room choice at the Producers, but it is nonetheless a great show with a lot of heart.

Kryztoff rating: 4K

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