by Riccardo Barone


Four motorbikes, like imprisoned bumblebees trying really hard to escape from the humongous caged up sphere, have shocked the audience.

Is today a good day to die walking inside/outside (even backwards) of a huge rotating spinning wheel (even blind folded) challenged by gravity and weight? If that’s not good enough for you this hero will take your breath away walking on a tightrope, without any safety measures beneath him, carrying on his shoulders another tightrope with another equilibrist.

When I was a kid I used to enjoy going on the swing really fast and then jumping from it. Well, think bigger now! Bigger swing, four artists on it, bigger jump, bigger landing on suspended sheets far in the air.

A little stage does not mean at all a little show. The amount of shocking and spectacular numbers is impressive.

Flying popcorns (not me), enchanted amused children (they won’t forget it as well), a clown with tennis skills (his numbers with children are really funny), excited adults becoming young again, sweet ponys running in a circle, a horse teasing his owner, acrobats on the trampoline.  Everything has been under the statement: I’m not afraid to die.

The ticket price is way too low for witnessing such an unforgettable show.

Photo by Sharon Bennenbroek

Kryztoff rating: 5k

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