CIRCUS – Stomp – Entertainment Centre – 4K

Stomp-Image-4By Peter Maddern

Stomp has been a global phenomenon for more than 25 years and its latest incantation is as fresh and fulsomely noisy as any before. For those who enjoyed The Lost and Found Orchestra here during the Festival of Arts you will find the Stomp ensemble less numerous but every bit as rousing in the smaller confines of the Entertainment Centre.

Set in a large car workshop or similar complete with blue liquid drums, burnt up oil cans and beaten up street signs, the seven member cast open with a smart and relatively silent set using brooms but by the end of the 90 minutes just about everything that could be banged, smacked or jumped on has been, everything including the kitchen sink in one of the more inventive and humorous acts.

It’s all quick paced, energetic (to the point of exhaustion) and thoroughly engaging, performed by a cast that range in physique from the muscular and athletic to the overweight complete with pink mohawk haircut.

Highly rated family entertainment performed with an ease that belies its skill.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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