FREE & PROUD – Kings Head Theatre – Assembly – 4K

By Peter Maddern

In this new play by Charles Gershman, his two late twenties characters are married together but otherwise peas from different pods. Hakeem is a Nigerian emigrant to the U.S., nerdish, career oriented and committed to his relationship. Jeremy is your typical right at home Californian jock, promiscuous and, as with most Millennials, looking for his next dopamine fix.

Director Peter Darney gets fine performances from both his players, perhaps underscored by the ostensible induced emotion brought forth by his Jeremy at the play’s conclusion who may otherwise have seemed to have been acting himself. (Apologies for not naming the actors as no such details seem to be accessible on line.)

The struggles of seemingly incompatible compatibles are perhaps well-trod LGBT territory but still capable here of generating debate about who might be to blame for the relationship unraveling. However, the circumstances under which this tale is shaped gives Free & Proud an edge and its concluding quandary is delicious, masterful even in its construction.

Kryztoff Rating 4K

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