By Peter Maddern

Social media mixed with the ego of actors has provided perhaps history’s most impossibly unpleasant personality potential and those affected seem to be everywhere. Rosie Fleeshman’s take on these people is simply superb, taking her audience through from the first time the affliction gripped her character as a child through the days of self indulgent anticipation of inevitable greatness on the stage and her swag of boyfriends who were nothing more than cannon fodder for her trickery.

Her play is too nuanced not to believe she too was not caught up in all this yet her years perhaps deceive this writer as to her maturity, not to mention her intelligence to analyse the foibles of, no doubt, many associates. Whatever, this is the most complete, comprehensive and devastating portrayal of these people’s betrayals delivered at a pace, lyrically, poetically, humorously (the conclusion around her grammar fetish is simply sublime,)

Brilliant theatre? This show should a mandatory school class, a part of every high school and undergrad curricula!

Kryztoff Rating   4.5K

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