THEATRE – OZ ASIA – Guru of Chai – Space – 4K

By Peter Maddern

It seems a tad strange that if one is looking for the home base of the Indian Ink Theatre Company – the team behind this terrific piece – one should turn to the east and New Zealand and not to the west. But there seems nothing western about Jacob Rajan who as the Guru disdains the new-fangled technologies and brand names that infiltrate Bangalore, where the opening half of this work is based.

Based indeed on a small area of payment outside the train station where the Guru meets a homeless family of sisters who can sing and sing delightfully. From there we get introduced to all manner of folk, good and bad, seemingly bad and seemingly good. For each Rajan produces a unique and appropriate voice, everything from the first cries of a baby to the solemn wisdom of the moon.

Aided only by his able musician Dave (Adam Vogle) who’s sound, voice and musical interludes add so much to this production, this is otherwise Rajan’s show and his alone, including undertaking his own comedian warm up spiel.

With Murray Edmond’s en pointe dramaturgy this is a masterful display of story telling, of twists and turns and its own highlighted views on humanity and our search for happiness.

The OzAsia Festival back and this is a wonderful way to kick off your enjoyment of it.

Kryztoff Rating   4K

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