DANCE – OZ ASIA – Andropolaroid 1.1 – Space Theatre – 3K

By Belle Dunning

Yui Kawaguchi’s production ‘Andropolaroid 1.1’ is an other-worldly exploration of movement, light and sound. It delves into the difference between robot and human, light and dark, rigidity and emotion.

Kawaguchi is a Berlin-based Japanese choreographer and dancer, and brings a very unique feel to this solo dance production. You can see the ballet and hip hop influences, but also just a celebration of Kawaguchi’s own unique movement, rhythm and experience.

The lighting design by Fabian Bleisch really makes the show — the configuration of suspended neon lights, which pulse in time with harsh electronic sounds and Kawaguchi’s movements, create a wonderful backdrop  for the performance as Kawaguchi weaves around them. As a solo dance piece with minimal music, without the lighting, the production could feel a little sparse. I found myself rejoicing each time some recognisable musical notes did pour through, finding myself somewhat challenged by the silence and lack of emotion or humanity at other times.

If you enjoy dance and visual art, and want to see something a little different (that isn’t too long), this is an enjoyable night out.

Kryztoff Rating 3K

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