FRINGE 2019 – Fringe Wives Club: Glittergrass – 4K – Gluttony

The incredibly talented Fringe Wives Club have taken the past two Adelaide Fringe festivals by storm with their first show, Glittery Clittery (also playing at this year’s Fringe, and worth a look). Now they’re back with their second show, Glittergrass, and with two new Fringe Wives to boot.

A self-professed “feminist hootanany”, Glittergrass is a country music extravaganza that showcases the talents of each Fringe Wife – Victoria Falconer on the keys (two different sets to boot), Tessa Waters on banjo, and each wife having a chance at vocals.

Songs focus on feminism, the female and femme identities, and the sexiness of respect. There are some familiar elements for those fans of Glittery Clittery, including the final number, which was a direct call back to the show. This was actually a shame; the show was filled with excellent original numbers that to take one exactly from the first show seemed a bit odd (even though it’s a great song).

It perhaps needs a bit of polish, but the Fringe Wives Club always know how to throw a fun, intelligent, and conSENSUAL party, that you don’t notice that too much. Head on down to this incredibly fun feminist hootanany for a great time this Fringe.

Kryztoff rating: 4K

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