FRINGE 2019 – Rouge – Gluttony – 4.5K

By Julia Cudsi

Circuses of the adult variety have been exceedingly popular in recent years of the Fringe, and generally for very good reason: amazing acrobatics, combined with burlesque, bawdy humour and a strong dose of titillation generally makes for an excellent night out.

“Rouge” fits perfectly within this description. From the welcoming words of “Ladies, Gentlemen, and Non-Binary Friends”, it is clear that this is a show which celebrates diversity in all its forms.

Ushered in by a magnificent operatic soprano, the audience is taken along on a magical ride of trapeze artistry, feats of physical strength, impressive gymnastics, hula-hoop related wizardry and – yes – full frontal nudity. “Rouge” is naughty, sexy, sensual, kinky, hilarious and just plain fun. I promise that you will never look at lamp shades, or carrots, the same way again.

If you only see one show this year, make it “Rouge”. But hot tip: leave your kids and your parents at home unless you want to endure an awkward ride home.





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