FRINGE 2019: Lewis Garnham: You Can’t Always Get What You Want – 3.5K – Rhino Room

Lewis Garnham is certainly not a book you should judge by his cover.

As a young woman attending his show on International Women’s Day, I found myself in a room that was about 80% filled with men. No, not men – lads; bros, if you will. I was very, very unsure of the type of comedian Garnham was going to be.

However, what is evident in his set is a profound intelligence that is intriguing and immediately made this reviewer sit up and listen. In between jokes about shitting on a hill whilst high on acid, Garnham riffs on capitalism as a control mechanism, global warming and humanity’s complacency in preventing it, and the critical questioning of the facts we hear from questionable sources. Whilst these topics were somewhat dark, and not typically what you expect to hear when you attend a comedy show, Garnham’s best comedic moments were here and his comedy was excellent – or, if it’s possible, better than excellent – when he leans into them.

But, just when these moments were at their peak, and the show was on the brink of becoming something much deeper, the moments of gross-out humour kicked in.

Garnham is definitely a comedian to watch, support, and enjoy. But just when You Can’t Always Get What You Want finds itself on the precipice of being a truly phenomenal show, it fails to climb the hill.

Kryztoff rating: 3.5K


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