FRINGE 2019 – Dance – “Abyss” – Goodwood Institute – 3K

By Julia Cudsi

The concept of sin has given artists fodder for thousands of years, including in this world premiere collaboration between MAD / DAN Productions.

Featuring only four performers, this contemporary dance piece takes the audience on a journey through what appears to be the various circles of hell, along with their associated sins, temptations and desires, with a particular nod to the moral bankruptcy of the modern, vacuous and self-obsessed selfie world.

To a complete and utter non-expert, the dancing is flawless and wonderfully executed and the dramatic expression of those on stage is clearly transmitted to the audience.

The storyline and context do seem a little abstract and it is not completely clear to a non-aficionado of contemporary dance how everything hangs together. For that reason, this is a show intended mainly for fans of contemporary dance, as the message is a little contrived.

If you want to see something completely different and quite avant-garde, this show is highly recommended. Special mention goes to a Coles chocolate mudcake being used in one of the most original ways I have ever seen.


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