CICADA 3301 – Underbelly – 2.5K

By Peter Maddern

In 2012, some intense cyber dude posted about looking for ‘highly intelligent individuals’, a post that sent geeks into a hide and seek frenzy. This play is about that message and four individuals, Ash, Billy, Olivia and Hannah, who take up the anonymous post’s challenge.

To the extent that the most arcane workings of the internet and the minds of those who love living in it can be made relatable, our team do a nice job, with some fine visual puns that are delivered well. No doubt younger, dark pool savvy misfits will get more fun of these than I could.

However, Cicada struggles for want of character development with ‘Ash’, who delivers a good opening monologue, the only one who gathers and creates substance. Perhaps, this production would work better for two players, wrestling intellectually and morally from their personal history viewpoints, but like this it begs the question – who cares?

Kryztoff Rating.  2.5K

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