JUDAS – Assembly Blue Room – 4.5K

By Peter Maddern

The role and justification of violence and torture, especially to political ends, has taken on greater poignancy in the past twenty years, especially in and in response to conflicts in the Middle East. This production neutralises resolving those debates from seeing it all through the prism of which side you are on and, as its title suggests, makes increasingly plain these issues are not all that new.

Tim Marriott, presenting as an Englishman, is Yosef, a lecturer, who is taken in by two interrogators, one an American (David Calvitto), the other an Australian (Stef Rossi). Together they do Yousef over in endeavours to get him to give up the location of his leader. While set in the desert and with overtones of Muslim strife, the characters presented as they are bring it all for their audiences into a geographically proximite setting.

All three do excellent jobs, Marriott in particular takes it and verbally at least dishes it out as well with power and confidence. Calvitto is the consummate war-weary mercenary while Rossi mixes her perfume with her punches delightfully; certainly she is not subordinate to the others, neither in role nor performance.

This production combines both fine writing and performances and should be must seeing for those interested in well developed work around the major political issues of our age.

Kryztoff Rating.    4.5K

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