OZ ASIA 2019 – Totes Adorbs Hurricane – Nexus – 4.5K

Ohh Mr Hart!

By Peter Maddern

I can still recall as vividly as any show I’ve seen this year when Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker came to Adelaide for Oz Asia three years ago. Well, they’re back with undiminished energy,  colour and mess.  Clearly the Cleaning Union  at the Festival Theatre weren’t so impressed and so this year’s iteration is at Nexus but nothing is lost for the audience for that.

Still going long after the audience has left

Young Japanese performers  dressed as  taxi drivers, American footballers or nurses rush at you screaming and delighting in equal measure as water, confetti and tofu  spread out over the audience.  There’s dancing, prancing and little bare-chested nudity but between the chaos an order seeps through like water through your poncho up onto your bottom – gradually but you notice it.

It’s loud, very loud and its all very great fun. Indeed, it’s as much enjoyment one can have at the theatre without getting naked.

Kryztoff Rating   4.5K

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