OzAsia Music – Symbiosis – 4K

By Ben Watson

The night opened with an incredible instrumental performance from Adelaide-based group, Didier Kumalo. For the first hour the 4-piece band showcased their musical prowess, encouraging the audience to move as they played a range of covers and original tracks.

Lead guitarist, Dylan Marshall, amazed the crowd through his impressive soloing. The band had a unique sound, influenced through the sounds of African jazz. The group provided a superb foundation for what was to follow later in the evening.

The latter half of the show saw vocalists DOBBY and Naomi Keyte team up to produce a selection of brand new, original work. The unlikely pair spent the week prior to the performance collaborating, electing to focus on a common passion of theirs: battling climate change.

Proudly indigenous, DOBBY is a talented young rapper, having some of his music featured nationally on Triple J. Naomi Keyte is a local singer with a beautiful voice.

Accompanied by three talented instrumentalists, the duo explored the notion of climate change through song, expressing their views on current environmental related affairs.

This performance was wonderful. A group of musically skilled individuals performed an array of new music preaching a topic they are passionate about. A very enjoyable evening at Nexus Arts.


Kryztoff Rating 4K

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