Fringe 2020 – Amanda Palmer: There Will Be No Intermission – 5K

by Riccardo Barone

“I am an Artist, let me do my job!”
How high is the price a songwriter, a poet, must pay to deeply dive into sensitive subjects like abortion? Polemics are surely around the corner, undoubtedly! This happens when the sublimation of a tragedy through humor is misinterpreted and condemned by articles and reviews, becoming a main scandalous object. Everyone has an opinion; but what happens when an International Artist publicly exposes its believes? Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscars speech is a valid example of mixing career and personal opinions. The audience looses focus on the Artist’s product and starts to pick on the persona and its personal views. Personal life experiences, and so on personal views, are told through lyrics, songs, poems, plays, paintings, and whatever available tool.
Amanda jumps on the front row seating, with her “stupid ukulele” (as she calls it), loudly and majestically introducing the show. That same ukulele she had when she composed “Bigger on the inside”, really moving performance of this one.
Her voice is deep and moving, theatrical, storytelling. Her piano skills are brilliant. Solid are her musical roots with The Cure, which she reminded us about her first approach with them when she was a teenager full of inspirational music practicing her piano.
The ticket price was very cheap, considering she’s traveling from USA and the performance exceeding 3 hours. The audience was exhilarated, totally in sync with her brilliant energy, there were no seats left!

Kryztoff rating: 5k

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