FRINGE 2020: YUCK Circus – Gluttony – 4.5K

Trying to think of a word to describe YUCK Circus, I continually came back to one simple one: fun. This show is complete, total, fun. It’s hilarious, ridiculous, unadulterated fun.

This talented group of circus performers from Western Australia have created a show that skewers the status quo, not just of circus, but in society more generally. An ode to alcohol, a mocking of quintessential aerial routines – often performed by a woman – and break-up rituals are all woven into this vivacious show, that – did I mention? – is complete fun.

The seven women of YUCK Circus mix modern feminism with feats of human strength in completely inventive ways. A roasting of Tinder chat (including the ever-frightening dick pic) is set to a acrobatic dance routine and a squirm-inducing act involving a hammer and nail, whilst an aerial routine is backed by a satirical version of the usual musical fare in circus acts. I was laughing from start to finished, and I was certainly never switched off.

If you’re looking for a Fringe experience that you won’t forget, and that will have you leaving with a smile from ear to ear, look no further than YUCK.

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

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