FRINGE 2020: Shit-Faced Shakespeare: Hamlet – Gluttony – 4.5K

Every Fringe experience should include a session of Shit-Faced Shakespeare.

The concept is simple: bring together a group of classically-trained actors, give them a Shakespeare play, get one of them drunk, and see what happens. This time, it’s Hamlet, and whilst we get to the end of the famous work, it’s definitely not the most traditional of interpretations.

That’s not a concern, though, as this is pure fun. The May Wirth in Gluttony was packed and the crowd were going wild as our drunk for the night teetered around the stage, revealed details about the actors’ sex lives (a big no-no apparently), and turned Hamlet into a feminist rant of epic proportions. Watching the other actors in the company work around her was hilarious, too – they had to improvise according to whatever she said, which led to Hamlet in drag, a Michael Caine impersonation contest, and the reversal of one of the play’s most climactic moments. And all of it worked.

The only reason this didn’t get five stars is that it appeared as though the other actors were getting drunk off stage, or would at times fight for the limelight. Let the drunk be free! The show worked best when the majority of the cast were serious, and the drunk was outlandish – it’s what had the audience in stitches.

Overall though Shit-Faced Shakespeare is a professional show of the highest standards, and a Fringe favourite for a reason – get there if you can.

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

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