ADLFRINGE2021 – ELIXIR – Wonderland Spiegeltent, Festival Hub – 4.5K

The Adelaide Fringe has a long and wonderful history of providing fabulous “adult” circus acts, so one would be forgiven for feeling that this kind of show has become a little stale. This is most emphatically not the the case for the delightful ELIXIR, presented by Head First Acrobats.

Set in a futuristic lab, the show follows three intrepid scientists using themselves as guinea pigs for a mysterious “elixir” which promises superhuman powers.

Demonstrating many of the usual aspects of physical performances, including stunning acrobatics, aerial work and feats of strength, the show is nonetheless also filled with clever adult humour, impressive tricks, and a genuinely entertaining vibe.

If you think you have seen one adult circus and you’ve seen them all, you’d be wrong on this occasion. Do yourself a favour and have a date night at ELIXIR.


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