Feb 22

FRINGE – Comedy – Sam Simmons – The Garden – 3.5K

By Kosta Jaric.

Former Adelaide boy Sam Simmons returns (somewhat) to form with his unique show The Precise History of Things at the Bosco Theatre.

The show sees Simmons expand the absurdity that he has been trying to perfect the last few years, and you can see that maybe, just maybe, it’s starting to pay off. Simmons lays down some (hilariously) ridiculous rules before hosting the show in which he answers “actual questions” from former audience members.

The pace of this show is furious; Simmons is barely still for a moment. Ultimately it is his cutaways that make the show tick – using a series of illustrations (that do contain gratuitous amounts of crudely animated nudity – a very light-hearted manner) and props, he manages to make everyone laugh raucously at the most banal of objects and observations. Continental Creamy Alfredo Pasta Sauce funny? Amazingly, this man makes it so.

The Triple J presenter and ABC comic went out on a limb last year with Fail taking his brand of absurdist humour to the next level. The general consensus was that you either loved it or just didn’t get it, but the man knows how to deliver a show from start to finish, with a lot of love and enthusiasm for his work.

The percentage of the audience laughing very heartily has increased, which can only be a good sign. If you find comedian after comedian too plain vanilla or with a overbearing ‘groan’ factor this year, at this price it’s easy to take the chance with Simmons; who knows, it might be exactly – and if so, bizarrely – what you’re looking for.

Kryztoff Rating 3.5K.

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  1. Sam Simmons

    errr how utterly average, I’d rather 1 star than 3, yuck.
    you make me sound like an absurd version of wogarama.

    1. Peter

      Oh come on Sam, 3.5Ks is a good result. We are not The Advertiser giving out stars like confetti. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sam Simmons

    who reviews the reviewers?
    I give you 2 stars, averagely written, with an inability to grasp a point of difference.
    2 stars

  3. Greg from Sheidow Park

    Kosta doesn’t get it obviously, that shit was the funniest thing I’ve seen since the last time I saw Sam at the fringe 3 years ago!

    Stick it to the man, that shit is original and amazing! I give you 5 foreskins out of four.. skins..

    Kosta, did you enjoy Bewitched (the remake?)

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