FRINGE: Comedy – Marcel Lucont Chat Show – Tuxedo Cat – 2.5K

The Fringe this year seems jam packed with talk shows where performers interview each other or play host to a 15 min set piece from comedians. Last weekend I enjoyed Heath Franklin’s Chopper and this week Frenchman Marcel Lucont at the Tuxedo Cat.

Presenting like Rowan Atkinson utilising an absurd French accent, Lucont, in black turtle neck, blue suit and bare feet gave us some amusing patter before interviewing Gary Bradbury, a former goat farmer and now saxophonist. After that, Sammy J (the hand of Randy) took to the chair, played us a song or two to an ever sinking microphone, answered some audience questions and engaged Lucont in a stare contest.

All harmless good fun stuff and certainly something to do late in an evening; a visit to the Tuxedo Cat is an experience every fringe follower owes themselves. However, just why in a room of 35 sq metres and an audience of 50 (with a similar number of moths), one needs microphones is beyond me as they do tend to reduce the intimacy of the occasion.

Kryztoff Rating  2.5K

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