FRINGE: Into The Fringe – Gary Cockburn – Adel Town Hall – 4.5K

Last year Gary Cockburn’s first Into The Fringe exhibition grabbed our attention with his images posted in Cibo, Rundle Street. This time he has moved to the Adelaide Town Hall with a new set of images of the Adelaide Fringe and added to it images of the Edinburgh Fringe.

As he states in his Artist Statement, Cockburn seeks to ‘capture as much of the energy, beauty and passion of the Fringe as possible’ and he achieves that admirably again. His photographs drip with beautiful colours (his reds a feature), are infused with skilled use of light and carry subtle use of mood and motion to lift what may otherwise be considered mundane. At all times he looks to capture Cartier-Bresson’s decisive moment and his Opening Parade Preparations, Gilbert Street and Sam Simmons Backstage are two of the best of this exhibition.

If there is criticism to be levelled it is that the form of presentation as large amalgams of images, rather than spaced out, tends to detract from the excellence of each.

Another important way to see and experience the Fringe.

Kryztoff Rating  4.5K

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