FRINGE: Helpmann Academy Grad Exhibition – Drill Hall – 4K

The Helpmann Academy brings together under one umbrella the five major tertiary arts schools within South Australia. This exhibition at the fabulous Drill Hall at the Parade Grounds showcases the best of this year’s graduating class.

As with past years, the breadth of the styles is matched only by their quality – from photography to sculpture, needlework to blown glass.

Ruby Chew has created three large canvasses (top right) in kitsch 1950’s ‘hyper reality’ style that aim to reveal the inner qualities of her sitters that intrigue and grow on you the more you examine them. David Suter and Tom Squires have created substantial sculptures, Suter’s Orb, (centre) a 150cm diameter concrete sphere, looks like some moon rock and Squires’ Model For Philipp Mainlander Piece (left) is a tall multi layered rectangular cuboid that stretches to the ceiling. Both have small adjunct pieces; Suter’s has a moon that goes with his earth and Squires has small, almost stool like piece of not dissimilar proportion to Suter’s, the meaning of which may require Tom’s input.

The glass work of Zoe Woods I have covered previously in our review of the Uni SA Visual arts exhibitions as too the photography of Alice Blanch and Carly Snoswell’s fascinating web like forms constructed only from plastic fastening loops. They remain highlights even in this bigger field. (See: Uni SA Grad Exhibition Review Pt 3, Uni SA Grad Exhibition Review Pt 2, Uni SA Grad Exhibition Review Pt 1

While commercial success is not always a great measure of quality, the preponderance of red dots at this year’s exhibition even after a few days speaks volumes if nothing else for a public awareness of the excellence of our visual arts schools and the Helpmann Academy’s efforts to promote them.

This is a quality exhibition and adds to the Fringe’s reputation as genuine visual arts festival in its own right to partner SALA.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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