FRINGE: Buskers of Adelaide – Matt Carty 3.5K

By Socratos

Buskers Of Adelaide, a fringe photography exhibition by Matt Carty
Love Adelaide (Upstairs @ the old Lizard Lounge), Light Square House, Level 1, 9 Light Square
Open for two more weeks – Wed
nesday through Friday until March 11 9am – 3pm

Matt Carty has attempted to undertake an archival historical recording of some of the colorful characters that light up our streets. The shots are rendered in beautiful rich black and white which give focus and ambiguity to the frames and a depth of richness all at once.

Matt’s career began as a sports and news photographer for the country times newspaper his home town of Kadina. From there he went on to study photography and established himself as a free-lance in the news battle around Adelaide. He eventually worked his way up the ranks (with a brief stint in QLD) to senior photographer at the Advertiser and had three of his shots published on the front page. After about 7 months he decided that his passion for photography burned strong however his passion for being an obligated member-of-staff did not. So he (wisely) left The Advertiser (a move which in my mind establishes him with limitless journalistic credibility) and set up his own full time photography business. Matt also exhibits his personal works at various establishments across Adelaide.

Included in the shots are some familiar faces who most people will likely recognise. There’s Andy the Chap-Man who plays that intriguingly exotic looking upright multi-stringed concoction that looks like a bass and a guitar put together on the one neck and sounds like a harp. It’s actually called a Chapman stick.

Also in the shots are Peter Hacquoil, Izera, and Chris Dewin and  who may be recognised respectively as ;
The piano guy; Yes he actually carries a PIANO with him every time he goes busking! Peter may often be found on busy street corners laying down atmospheric piano-key moods. Find him on facebook; Adelaide Piano Busker, he is available for parties & private functions.

The crazy long haired dude who is kick @$$ at keyboards; aka Izera. Lately to be found teaming up with fellow street performer Iddi who does acrobatics and the limbo to the beats. You should buy one of Izera’s cd’s. I reckon they will be collectors items in 30 years time. But only if you have insurance, cause you might break your back trying to do an acrobatic limbo to it.

The Mandolin Gypsy; often found to have an affinity with tie-dyed shirts, Chris Dewin has been busking for somewhere between 20 & 25 years. Strangely enough he originally started busking to overcome stage fright! besides his mandolin you may find him creating the soundwaves with a formidable array of instruments.

Mark Jory & Greg Wain are both teachers so if you see them around and you’ve always been thinking about refining your tinkering on the old six-string you should talk to them! Greg’s email is

The brochure provided at the exhibition is the best place to get information on the buskers themselves so you should go there and get one!

Kryztoff Rating  3.5K

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