FRINGE: Take Me Back To Paris – Nexus – 4.5K

By Daisy Sugars

Adelaide mustered up all of its charm to welcome home Louise Blackwell and all of her acquired European grace at the Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre on Sunday the 27th of February. As part of the 2011 Stray program at Nexus, combined with none other than the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Lou Blackwell and her humble quartet treated an equally modest crowd of people to Take Me Back to Paris, an hour of classic jazz music with a very appropriate French focus. The setting was very fitting, with groups of stylish people clustered around delightfully tiny round tables and sipping glasses of Australia’s alternative to champagne. Despite the lack of cigarette smoke and cognac in the room, what Adelaide lacked in picturesque Parisian allure, Lou Blackwell and her quartet certainly made up for with their faithful renditions of great Jazz classics.

If you weren’t convinced of Blackwell’s French expertise before the show, you might have completely forgotten she was an Adelaide native after she charismatically delivered a few blissfully accented words to the audience. The repertoire of French favourites that Lou Blackwell performed, including songs by; Georges Brassens, Juliette Greco, Josephine Baker, Michel LeGrand and Paolo Conte, was indicative of the singer’s deep connection and love for France. I would be lying if I said that I had never thought of traveling to Paris before the show, but Lou Blackwell’s enchanting voice and stage presence instantly sold me on the idea. Having emerged from the theatre with a spring in my step and a desire to hire every French film from the 1960s, I think it is safe to say that Take Me Back To Paris was a great success.

Kryztoff Rating  4.5K

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