FRINGE: The Poetry Hour by Mel Hughes – Bliss Organic – 5K

By Nicki Bullock

Mel Hughes is  talented, soulful poet who will bring tears to your eyes, hope to your heart , will inspire and uplift, provoke thought and compassion.

Performing at the Bliss Organic Cafe on Compton Street she has one final show on the third of March.

Her soothing voice is like a lullabye yet you will want to stay awake for her show, cherishing every word as she breathes out love in every utterance.  Reciting poetry that is mostly her own, she also includes poems from some of her favourite poets, such as Ani De Franco’s ‘self evident’.  Her performance is poignant and memorable, touching upon themes of love and loss, injustices and social awareness.  Her strong passion for social activism imbues her writing.

She entrances and carries you away into mindscapes of both Australia and the US, where she lived as a ‘naive nineteen year old’ (her own description).  This is a show I highly recommend; treat yourself to a glimpse of the world as perceived and loved by Mel Hughes.

Kryztoff Rating  5K

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