FRINGE: Funny People By Julia Clarke – Urban Cow Studio – 4K

At just 24, Julia Clarke has decided both art and comedy are her obsessions and she has combined them in a stunning exhibition at the Urban Cow Studio producing around 20 portraits of Australia’s really funny people.

Done mostly in liquid graphite, with a couple also in pencil, with an array of colours used monochromatically as the background, Clarke just about covers the field of contemporary comedians, from Shaun Micallef to the Sandman and Josh Thomas to Fiona O’Loughlin. Her inspirations for comedy are the Doug Anthony Allstars, so it is no surprise they consume the largest canvas and amongst them she sees Paul McDermott as a role model as he too is an artist.

Tom Gleeson confronted with his own portrait and when asked for his reaction said, ‘flattering, really flattering’ and no doubt others featured in town for the Fringe will drop to catch a peek of their likeness.

Using only images and her own perceptions of the artists, all feature enlarged eyes but some are laughing, others quizzical and Wil Anderson looks positively scholarly.

Next steps for Julia are the finals of RAW Comedy this week and later in the year she is off to Edinburgh for the big fringe to see how it is all done. This work will certainly place her in good stead as she pursues her twin passions. Go see it if no other reasons as exhibitions about the Fringe at the Fringe (like also Gary Cockburn’s photographs) is a genre that needs encouragement.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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