FRINGE: Sista Act – Nexus – 3.5K

By Zoe Mitchell

This production focused on the history of Aboriginal people, and Aboriginal rights development in Australia since 1967. The cast of strong, beautiful, intelligent Aboriginal women discussed the changes made for Aboriginal people since winning the right to vote in the 1969 referendum. The presentation of this show was almost free form, as everyone on the stage understood this living history from personal experience.

We were taught about the fight for Aboriginal rights and the progressions since the referendum, and what it was like for Aboriginal people living under government control before the referendum. We were told of the struggles Aboriginal people are still enduring in Australia, and how the government still controls the lives of the first peoples of this nation. We gave respect to all the sacrifices made by Aboriginal people, especially women, to be where they are now, for without the determination to remain true to themselves, their families, their cultures, and their land, we may not hear their voices today.

The audience particularly liked the ‘acronym alphabet’ song, in which all the acronyms for government groups relating to Aboriginal affairs were mentioned, making it clear just how frustrating so many ‘necessary’ government changes would be. Photographic representations of important moments and people in the history of the Aboriginal rights movement gave more depth to the message of this show.

Kryztoff Rating  3.5K

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