FRINGE: Celtic Roots – SA Folk Centre – 2.5K

By Nicki Bullock

The charmingly self-apologetic, absent-minded Matthew Lykos and Julia Norman, looking every bit the Irish Rose, treated audiences to a taste of Celtic music in the hall of the SA Folk Centre.  These two young musicians, known as ‘Jewelled Mat’, displayed their multiple talents throughout the hour, Julia playing recorders and elegantly haunting melodies upon her double bass as well as singing in sweetly soothing, lilting tones  eloquently expressing passion and emotion, while Matthew’s voice harmonised beautifully, complemented by the pleasant, warm sound of his classical guitar.

There was a beautiful naive innocence about their performance; no professionally polished routine, the performers interacted with the audience with friendly, humble character.  Though it did take a while for the audience to warm up to the musicians, they completed the first part of the set encouraging some of the crowd to dance a waltz and after the interval the crowd responded more strongly, the songs were delivered with more confidence and by the final tune (excluding the encore) of ‘Hallelujah’, almost everybody there was singing along.  Bow gliding so sensually along double bass strings and celtic flavour injected into this well-known tune made a very pleasant rendition of the holy song.  Other songs leaving significant impression included ‘Come Take a Trip in my Airship’, a simple yet captivating Victorian tune  and ‘A Perfect Day’, a song haunted by soul.  The duo also played various Irish dance tunes, at one stage juxtaposing traditional Celtic melody with Crowded House’s ‘You Better Be Home Soon’.

Jewelled Mat also perform on the 7th and 8th March at the SA Folk Centre in Thebarton, with performances commencing at 7pm.  For a peacefully relaxing concert with character, charm and humour, indulge yourself in the sweet harmonies created by Matthew and Julia.

Kryztoff Rating  2.5K

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  1. Interesting to find a reviewerof music who does not know what a classical guitar is!

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