FRINGE: Hannah Gadsby – Rhino Room – 2.5K

By Daisy Sugars

From the moment that Hannah Gadsby awkwardly strolled out onto the tiny stage upstairs at the Rhino Room, it was obvious that she wasn’t inclined to warm to the crowd immediately. Gadsby started the show by admitting that she wasn’t likely to ‘peak early’ in the performance, and explained that this slow start could be attributed to a lack of effort on her behalf. After a few more witty comments about dream paralysis and the art of conversation, a portion of the crowd was chuckling accordingly.

Eventually, however slightly, I warmed to Gadsby’s antisocial character and managed to crack a smile, but I started to lose interest as the show progressed. At times throughout the performance it seemed as though Gadsby was floundering, and she tended to resort to unnecessary ranting about her weight issues to get a few laughs. Much of this material was stale and repetitive and contributed a negative tone to the performance, which was further reinforced by Gadsby’s nervous and excessive use of bad language. Gadsby wrapped up her show by assuring the crowd that she wasn’t building up to a big finish, a promise to which she remained faithful. Mrs. Chuckles is undoubtedly an entertaining show, and I can honestly say that I chuckled at least once, but I would advise anyone who is keen for some real ‘side-splitting’ humour to keep looking.

Kryztoff Rating  2.5K

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