FRINGE: Flamenco Puro – Nexus – 5K

By Julia George

This show is electrifying, it’ll take your breath away and send you on an exotic vacation to the heart of Spain, where the intoxicating rhythm of the feet, hands and gentle serenade of a trio of Spanish guitarists will take you on journey. For those who love dance, this will be right up your alley, and for those that don’t there is plenty to love about this show. The synchronicity of the guitars and the stomp of the feet is incredible – it’s seamless and effortless. The show is set in Nexus Cabaret, which has a unique Spanish feel, which set the scene for the show. Round tables, a long bar across the back and an intimate stage area. All that’s missing is Spanish tapas!

With three guitarists and a traditional sounding Spanish female singer the mood is set as the show begins with a group of four highly skilled dancers from the Flamenco Dance Areti academy. The star of the show is Fernando Mira, his talent is impeccable as his moves create a hypnotizing beat. Kieren Ray & Alain Valodze, two special guests on guitar, certainly deliver and add value to the show.

Overall this show is culture-rich, you will feel like you’re actually in Spain however all these talented artists are actually from Adelaide. It’s a feel good show, you’ll leave feeling inspired and amazed, plus the juxtaposition of the sharpness of the foot stomps and the softness of the hand movements resonates. Flamenco Puro is just that, pure flamenco created by artists with pure talent.

Kryztoff Rating  5K

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