Mar 25

RAW: Origins – Genevieve Brandenburg & Saskia Scott – The Reading Room – Til 24 April

From The Sea by Saskia Scott

Promise by Saskia Scott

Two young Adelaide artists, Saskia Scott and Genevieve Brandenburg, are presenting a dozen or so of their works at the Hindley St Reading Room for the next month. Both ladies exhibit a duality of styles; Scott in photography and watercolour and Brandenberg in Pollock like oils and novel ‘lyric’ portraits.

The highlights of Saskia Scott’s works are From The Sea (pictured), a portrait of the head of a friend who possesses a keen interest in the ocean with a trailing wave like veil of swirling and intricate designs incorporating things like conch shells and creatures from the sea. Her Promise (pictured) is a neat photograph of a collection of post office boxes with one open possessing various documents and letters. The combination of the anonymity and coldness of the steel facades and the intimate fascination in the content of the one exposed, in black and white, makes for a gripping image.

In The Morning of the Magicians - G Brandenburg

Lou Reed Lyric Portrait - G Brandenburg

Brandenburg’s feature work, In The Morning of the Magicians (pictured) is one we saw last year at the NPSP’s Mullet Festival and it remains a stand out in the style of Jackson Pollock. Painted while listening (no doubt a few times over) to the song of the same name by the Flaming Lips, this is a nicely balanced kaleidoscope of reds and yellows and oranges that just adds colour to any situation. Her ‘lyric portraits’ are constructed from photographs of identities from the Velvet Underground and feature both Andy Warhol and Lou Reed (pictured). Here Genevieve lets lighter portions be white and the darker areas have inscribed on them lyrics from the songs of that fantasy land.

This critic has been sceptical (at the least) about many Hindley Street exhibitions in recent times, some reaching the depths of the ‘why did they bother variety’, but Origins restores my faith in the area and once these two delightful young students settle further on their styles, we can all look forward to their next exhibitions with some anticipation.

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