RAW: Soundwave Interview – We Are The Ocean

By Socratos

We Are The Ocean are a 5-piece post-hardcore band from Essex UK. Formed in 2008 the band is famous for the intensity of their live shows.

I spoke to guitarist/vocalist Liam Cromby who joined the band after responding to their ad on the internet. Upon arrival at the first practice session he was surprised to learn that a number of the other members were already mates of his and the band gelled from there!

As we spoke the band was currently on a European tour just outside of Amsterdam. They are touring and celebrating the release of their latest album Go Now And Live which entered the UK album chart at #45 on April 25th this year. A success that builds upon their initial successes with their first album of which they only pressed 1000 copies due to a restrictive budget at the time. Even so all 1000 copies sold out really quickly and in hindsight have been a great move according to Liam;

“Because there are so few copies of that first album it has become rather sought after and it’s difficult to get a hold of. It’s a nice feeling to see it going on ebay from time to time”

Although you may not get your hands on their first album most of the tracks on it were re-relased on their major label debut titled Cutting Our Teeth.

We Are The Ocean are heading down under for the upcoming Soundwave revolution tour, check the website for dates in your city


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