RAW: Theirs Yours Mine – Light Square Gallery – Nic Brown et al

Too Precious #1 - Peta Alannah Chigwidden

By Genevieve Brandenburg

Theirs Yours Mine is a group exhibition by five Adelaide artists currently showing at the Light Square Gallery in Adelaide. Nic Brown, Peta Alannah Chigwidden, Lara Merrington, Alice Potter and Talia Wignall are presenting a vast array of different artworks, united under the idea of what’s theirs, is yours, and mine.

The artwork of Nic Brown is inspired by the concept of memory, daydream, the future and reality. In her Monte Carlo landscape series, dreamy sun- and mist-filled landscapes are painted on glass biscuit platters, adding a unique element to the works. We’ll Meet Again involves taking a seat and listening to piano melodies played by the artist’s grandmother – beautifully nostalgic pieces, they are able to transport one out of the gallery setting and back to a simpler time, a trait inherent in this body of work.

Peta Alannah Chigwidden’s artwork is inspired by thought and imagination, manifesting in portraits of women and her own children. Her painting Too Precious #1 is a charcoal and watercolour portrait of the artist’s daughter. A seemingly simple work, Peta has captured not only the innocent and naive beauty of childhood, but also the child’s inner strength of character that could only be brought out by both a skilled artist and loving mother.

Lara Merrington’s photographs have captured the minute details of moments in time that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. Ephemeral yet imbued with a hint of timelessness, they remind us of the importance of living in the moment. Her work Greetings from Here is an interactive piece that invites the audience to write a message on the back of postcards, thus sending a message from one point in time into the next, ensuring the precious fleeting moment is preserved.

Alice Potter’s mixed media artworks revolve around the idea of being materialistic about anything. Quirky and endearing, the artist has used all manner of objects and items collected on her travels to create unique one-off jewellery pieces. Her work The things I do possess, sometimes they own me too contains a range of items, each imbued with significant meaning and each adored by the artist. Such a varied array of objects in this artist’s body of work means that there is something for everyone to respond and relate to.

The work of Talia Wignall is inspired by our own personal universes as well as the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. One particular work, titled I will leave you by yourself, acts as a statement of brave, pure, yet melancholy connotations that can be used to interpret the rest of this body of work. Distant memories of long-lost childhood worlds; teenage dreams and adult fantasies that we may have left behind in the course of our lives – it is here that we can rediscover fragments of those worlds that all of us have lived in.

Theirs Yours Mine is everything its title suggests. An exhibition of what we may have forgotten, lost, overlooked, or left behind in the course of our daily lives, the work of these five artists succeeds in breaking the walls between ‘them’, ‘us’ and ‘I’; reminding its audience that as human beings, we have more in common than we may always think.
Dates: 5 May – 26 May 2011
Where: Light Square Gallery, AC Arts Tafe SA, 39 Light Square, Adelaide 5000
Gallery hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, closed weekends and public holidays

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