RAW: Strength In Numbers – Crown & Anchor – 22nd May 5-9pm

5 Indie/Alternative Bands, 1 Stage
$10, all ages
All proceeds go towards supporting women in Congo via Caritas

Clear your schedule on May 22nd because Strength in Numbers, nicknamed S.I.N is the all age’s charity concert of the century. Five indie/alternative bands will be coming together to ensure those dancing shoes are worn out by the end of the night. Organised by 17 year old, Evangeline Batalha from St Dominic’s Priory College, this stellar show will leave you wanting more. To see this event you must get yourself to The Crown and Anchor from 5:00pm – 9.00pm, Sunday, May 22nd, with your ticket that will only set you back $10.

Evangeline has been working hard for four months now to deliver only Adelaide’s finest in music entertainment. It all began when SACE introduced the Research Project as a Year 12 subject, thus allowing students to research absolutely anything. The opportunity inspired Evangeline to research and host an all age’s charity gig.

The event is guaranteed to astound the audience, with the array of talented, upcoming young bands. Including an ‘all star’ line up of The Giveaways, Archers, Avenue, Chilli Masala and Burn The Art. These bands can only offer the best and along with the amazing staff at The Crown and Anchor and Evangeline’s crew members, will provide an entertainment experience beyond belief. It is not often that people can say they are attending an all ages charity concert held by a 17 year old girl, therefore making it literally a once in a life time opportunity. The energy and atmosphere that will consume The Crown and Anchor on Sunday May 22nd will be electrifying! This concert is the perfect way to unwind on a Sunday night after a huge weekend so why not join with others to do this? If that’s not convincing enough, then consider that this concert is being held for a good cause. All proceeds from the concert will go to Caritas, an organisation that is trying to eliminate the violence and rape of women in the Congo.

If there’s one event you want to pencil in on your calendar (then highlight several times) Strength In Numbers is it. So come S.I.N on Sunday, you won’t regret it!

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