RAW: Bill Botten Art – AP Bond – Til 27th May

Immigration - Australia - By Bill Botten

Local Adelaide artist and Amateur Football legend, Bill Botten, last night opned his fifth solo exhibition and his first at AP Bond’s Magill Rd studio.

As before this exhibition confirms Bill’s willingness, without apology to incorporate into his own style so many ideas of the great abstract artists of the past century. Many are obvious, the Jackson Pollock lattices and explosions of paint, John Olsen desert scapes, Jasper Johns flags and Piet Mondrian’s grids but a discerning eye may well recognise others.

As modern art, particularly abstraction, struggles to advance itself, in a market that is now in full scale retreat, Bill’s work continues to delight, fascinate, intrigue.

He treats us with respect and not wank – as one of us – with titles that explain and provide context and often take us somewhere more than we may otherwise have gone in our understanding of the work but those titles never confound and for the most part take us beyond the pretence of ‘Untitled’

Bill’s canvases are recognisable, confronting but not offensive, comforting and colourful but each unique with no sign of the factory, or paint by numbers approach of so many who tie their artistic credentials and funding to their ability to sell just one style.

As Jasper Johns was – the works of Bill Botten are of a man of distances, margins and blocks. New ways to see the motifs and memories of our lives.

A local treasure who deserves a national recognition.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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