All Property Is Theft - Lucas Croall

By Genevieve Brandenburg

Aesthetimology is Lucas Croall’s first solo exhibition. Presenting an array of prints, illustrations and collages at Sugar on Rundle Street, this young artist’s body of work particularly shows a depth of understanding and appreciation towards the aesthetics of colour and design.

Croall’s print All Property Is Theft is a large A1-sized work and was created using eight lino prints. The attention of the viewer is vied for by two main elements: the Latin statement ‘Omnis proprietas est furtum’, from which the work gains its name; and the graceful bird, reminiscent of the Art Nouveau era, whose beauty is juxtaposed with an uncanny, unblinking eye. The contrast of black and white and the sheer size of the work emphasizes its stark bluntness.

Eight or so highly detailed, brightly coloured and diverse illustrations show not only Croall’s dedication to his art, but also to the aesthetics of colour and design. Boomflex, with its detailed, swirling forms and variety of colours, captures the amount of time, patience and attention required to complete these drawings. A fine balance of chaos and order, the subject matter amongst these drawings is diverse and worth pondering.

Aesthetimology is a foray of colour and subject matter, full of meaning waiting to be uncovered and grappled with. A strong body of work that requires a first-person experience for full appreciation, the art of Lucas Croall is promising and I look forward to more.
Website: http://www.lucas.croall.com.au/
Exhibition Dates: Until the end of May
Where: Sugar, Level 1, 274 Rundle Street, Adelaide 5000
Hours: Open 7 nights a week

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