RAW: A Quiet Beer With The Lost Show

I met with Ben Ferguson and Steve Stouppos, two of the six members of Adelaide Heavy rockers The Lost Show. I spoke to them about their upcoming shows, aspirations and the difficulties that face local bands.

Aaron Petrone Dan, Nathan and Lachlan Rogers are the four other members of The Lost Show. All the members are “extremely passionate” about music and thus the band has “between three to four principal songwriters”.

All of the boys balance work and their music lives and are aspiring to “get to that point where it’s all on the line, where you’ve got to give up your day job.” The Lost Show have played several gigs on the Adelaide circuit but are looking forward to an opportunity to play at Fowlers again. Money isn’t a big issue for the lads who firmly believe “it’s all about the music.”

The Lost Show have recently accepted Ben into to the band and since he joined the band has developed a much more static sound. “Before Ben joined we had three primary song writers and you could really tell who was writing what.” This left them with an EP which sounded somewhat sporadic. Their new material, due out later this year is set to be much more fixed. Earlier influences were System of a Down and Janes Addiction and their new stuff still has an underlying element of heavy rock.

Plans for the year include a trip to the riverland and then a possible trip to Melbourne later in the year. “Baby steps man, baby steps.”

Ben and Steve agreed that local bands could be “better represented” in local media, however they believe street press are pulling their weight. “Media aren’t working well enough for promotion, you’ll find that your friends will come to gigs and their friends but the outside aspect usually brought by media is lacking.”

The boys all support other local bands and say that it’s “just about getting out there” seeing live shows and supporting local music.

You can check out The Lost Show’s facebook page here. They also have a gig this Saturday at the Crown and Anchor hotel and on June the third at Enigma

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