RAW: AFL Footy Wrap Round 9


By The Silver Bullet

So Taylor Walker had a drink! Wow! The sanctimonious Gerard Healey and self righteous Tony Shaw described Walker as being ‘silly’ with the potential to ‘affect the whole fabric of the club’. Well high priests, that wasn’t obvious 24 hours later when the Crows led by 31 points close to half time in their clash with Collingwood at the Docklands, albeit the evidence was a little stronger an hour later after Adelaide’s memorable capitulation.

If Taylor Walker, who let us not forget is a mere 20 years old, from Broken Hill and still developing physically, was thinking of going to Greater Western Sydney where he would be paid more, played more and enjoy near total anonymity, then this weekend’s media attack would have done a lot to confirm just where he would see his future lying.

You have to give Geelong full marks for bouncing back after last year’s snafus. Can they be the same powerhouse without Ablett, G? You bet, certainly as long as Joel Selwood, bettered perhaps only by Dane Swan as the best mid fielder in the competition, stays sound.

And vale, Geelong legend, Bob Davis. If nothing else, Davis, along with fellow buffoons Jack Dyer, Doug Elliott and Lou Richards, showed what humour can exist from our national game and put to shame the likes of Sam Newman and what poses as humour on school yard programs like After The Bounce (ahh yuk, what a mess that is in the name of entertainment.) Bring those VFL Teams recipes back I say!

With the Crows (‘the most exciting squad in the history of the club’ – big talk from Neil Craig that will haunt him till Michelangelo Rucci at The Advertiser does finally drive him out of town) failing miserably after leading by four goals early in the last quarter and Eade blowing fuses in vain again at his Bulldogs, one has to wonder whether the finals race is not already down to nine sides – the current eight plus Richmond. And given Richmond’s history, it has always had a mortgage on the ninth spot in its few better years, perhaps it is already settled.

Not that you would know from the Adelaide Sunday Mail this morning (see above) which under the banner of ‘Pure Footy’ produced pure jibberish in its Premiership table. The SM claims to be a ‘good read guaranteed’ it just can’t be relied on for accuracy – still that is not news.

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