RAW: Molly’s Shoes – Bakehouse – Til 4th June – 3.5K

Award winning playwright, Alex Vickery-Howe (A Stab in the Dark, Once Upon A Midnight etc) has served up a major new work for Accidental Productions in Molly’s Shoes. In it he tells the stories of and relationships between three characters across two 20 year periods – two young students, David (Tim Smith the younger, John Maurice the older) and Elspeth (Rachel Jones and Joanne Hartstone) and their physics lecturer, Molly (Katie O’Reilly and Bridget Walters).

The stories traverse shifts in views from such things as idealism to realism and prime life to dementia.

In attempting that description of its scope, I probably quickly allude to the difficulty with the work and that is it is too broad rendering the treatments of the issues susceptible to superficiality and some cliché.

All the actors do a fine job with Rachel Jones an enduring visual joy but the force of Tim Smith as the younger David to drive the agenda is also to be commended.

Tammy Boden’s staging is also a highlight with full marks for its practicality and imagination.

To be sure, this is a very modern style play; thoughtful, well researched in its writing, coherent if always demanding of one’s attention and compelling. Given its scope, Molly’s Shoes needs to be recognised for that brilliance alone but noting as above that becomes also its limiting factor.

As an example of what is possible in local amateur or independent theatre, Molly’s Shoes is worthy of the attention of any theatre lover.


  1. Terrific review of a great play. Tim Smith and Rachel Jones were excellent and I think this show covered a lot of ground and did it well. Great new show.

  2. Outstanding production. This is a major new work indeed, deserving of recognition!

  3. This is the only review of this play I have read that makes any kind of sense. This was a major new play!

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