Jun 03

RAW: Cabaret Fringe – Schmoo in Odyssey Schmodyssey – Tuxedo Cat – 3.5K

Schmoo is a clown. He’s the sort of clown that makes you realise that there is more to clowning as an art form than might stick in the general psyche. Along with the red nose and ridiculous clothes, Schmoo has a heart, a story and an assortment of talents – including some very impressive vocal impersonations. With limited dialogue, a handful of common (and not so common) household objects and a sense of great playfulness, he portrays a story of love, loss, courage and growth. But really it’s all just a bit of good fun.

One detail that is important in making this type of act work is the commitment of the performer to their character and to giving themselves up to their audience. Hew Parham accomplishes this in his portrayal of Schmoo, creating a character that is emotionally generous and sincere. At the same time, the show is also very silly and absurd, making Schmoo a good mixture of comedy and tragedy.

The small space of the Red Room at the Tuxedo Cat created the cosy atmosphere needed for such a show. The lighting and sound were effective and any slight hitches were incorporated well into the show by Parham. It wasn’t about razzle-dazzle, or in-your-face gags, but the enjoyment that can come from simplicity. And said enjoyment was had.

Kryztoff Rating: 3.5K

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