Body Mind & Psychic Expo – Jubilee Pavilion, Adelaide Showground

From Aura to Zen, it was all presented at this year’s annual Body Mind & Psychic Expo as it returned to the Adelaide Showground first weekend in June, 4th & 5th. Even though it’s described as a showcase of Adelaide’s alternative health, lifestyle, natural remedies and relaxation and a chance to explore the Psychic through tarot, astrology, palmistry and numerology, it is not only for those who believe and follow the mystical and paranormal. The expo offers great variety for all who are conscious of their body and mind as well.

You will find plenty of Psychics with the common tarot, astrology, palmistry and numerology at about $50 per 20minutes with some offering the option of a recording on tape or CD. The more unusual seen must have been Coffee Cup readings by Colin for $40.

A variety of forms of healing were offered, from the natural like massage and reflexology, through to the mystical and spiritual in the form of healing hands such as Rei-Ki to prayer as offered by the Southland Vineyard Church. I was invited to experience The art of True Light which is to purify through radiating energy from the hand, which was a wonderfully calming 10 minute experience as I felt the warm energy radiating around my forehead from temple to temple.

Some may be in search of the mystical healing powers of the vast crystals on offer. Other’s may find observing the beauty of Amethyst Cathedrals with their amazing crystal formations as offered by Opal Art Australia, is what they need. These remarkable formations by nature are offered at wholesale prices from $10-$20/kg, with examples for sale from $75 right through to $9995 for the largest on display.

A number of artists where available to provide you with Mandalas available from $30-$50 by Helen, Angel Guide drawings by Lyn & Wendy for $80, as well as Medival & Fantasy Portraits by Emerson Ward for $20-$30.

Visitors would also find an array of Skin Care, Jewellery & Fashion, Oils & Incense, Soaps in mouth watering cake shapes with delicious aromas as well as candles of all shapes and sizes. Drums, medicine rattles and prayer feathers were offered as well as breathtaking sounding singing bowl’s.

Included are a number of links to Wikipedia for further information on some of the items found at the expo.

You can find more information about “Body Mind & Psychic” here as well as follow their facebook page here.

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