RAW: Abstractions – Nicholas Elliot and Ben Sando – Light Square Gallery

Silver Fabrication #32 by Nicholas Elliot

By Genevieve Brandenburg

Abstractions is an exhibition of abstract work by artists Nicholas Elliot and Ben Sando. Showing for the month of July at the Light Square Gallery, this body of work captures and communicates the human experience through the abstract.

Nicholas Elliot’s body of work consists of very large canvasses and oils. Thought, feeling and emotion are the undercurrent of these works and have been expressed in the strokes and colours. This is evident in the work Silver Fabrication #32, which is reminiscent of a storm or tempest that could not only manifest in the natural world, but also in the human being. All of these works capture and express those feelings and emotions that are central to the psychological human experience, and indeed have succeeded in bringing them to the physical world.

Ben Sando’s work has been created on very large pieces of paper using pure pigments. The stripes and squares create a more physical experience in the viewer compared to the psychological experience of Elliot’s work. These works, such as Black and Yellow Stripes with

Black and Yellow Stripes with Black and Yellow Squares - Ben Sando

Black and Yellow Squares, seem to hum and almost vibrate due to their contrasting colours and stark lines, affecting our being on a more physical and sensual level. A similar stream of basic human experience runs through Sando’s pieces, just as it does in Elliot’s – for nowhere in nature can one find patterns such as these. These patterns have been distinctly created by a human hand, and hence express another aspect of what it is to be human.

Abstractions is an exhibition of the human experience. Nicholas Elliot and Ben Sando have presented us with aspects of humanity and the human condition, manifested physically in these abstract artworks. A testament to the ability of the human being to create, this exhibition rekindles the possibilities of abstract art as a way of communicating what the representational cannot.
Dates: Until 28th July 2011
Where: Light Square Gallery, AC Arts Tafe SA, 39 Light Square, Adelaide 5000
Gallery hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, closed weekends and public holidays

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